Byurakan observatory: Be closer to the skies and the Sun!

Would you like to find your zodiac sign constellation?  Maybe you just want to enjoy the beautiful starry night sky?
Then you should surely visit the Byurakan Observatory in the town of Byurakan in Armenia.
In the small Armenian village of Byurakan, against the backdrop of Mount Aragats, one of the country’s highest spots, several silver domes can be seen shining in the sun. These domes cover the Byurakan Observatory, a premier astronomical center that was established during the Soviet era. 
The man behind the observatory’s establishment is an Armenian hero, who led many advancements in astrophysics, both in the country and globally: Victor Ambartsumian (also styled Viktor Hambardzumyan). He was one of the earliest to work in the field of theoretical astrophysics and one of its pioneers. The observatory was founded in 1946 and is home to what was for several years the largest telescope in the USSR, a 2.6m Cassegrain reflector. Armenia has a long history of astronomical study dating back several thousand years and the observatory played a crucial part in bringing it into the realm of modern science and study. 
Today the observatory holds star tours for both travelers and locals

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