Armenia is an extremely attractive destination for health tourism. The high qualifications of Armenian dentists and low prices for dental treatment and prosthetics, compared to other countries, have made the country one of the leaders in dental tourism. Armenia offers patients with diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs to undergo a course of speleotheraly, to receive treatment using the microclimate of underground caves - 20 sessions in salt mines and a therapeutic oxygen cocktail guarantee a therapeutic effect for patients, and protection from the flu for healthy people for the entire season.
You can consolidate the results of treatment in Dilijan, in the coniferous forests of which a tuberculosis sanatorium operated during the Soviet years. There are more than 350 groups of mineral springs in Armenia, almost all of them are representatives of the balneological classification. 

On many of them, sanatoriums and rest houses were built during the Soviet years. The most famous balneological resort of Jermuk is located high in the mountains of Vayots Dzor.
The resort has three types of springs: ordinary cold (up to 5-6° C), narzans (sources of sparkling water) and thermal (up to 63-64° C), which made this region famous. According to legend, a deer discovered local springs with healing water for people
The beast, shot by the hunter, gathered his last strength and rushed into the source, from which he jumped out alive and unharmed.
Jermuk, with its mild climate, modern sanatoriums and hotels, is a convenient place for relaxation and treatment. Here you should deeply inhale the purest mountain air, enjoy the atmosphere of an old-regime resort, amazing for Armenia, and drink mineral waters prescribed by your doctor.
And you should definitely visit the Gndevank (Hv.) monastery, hidden in the gorge of the Arla River, picturesquely weathered rocks and gaping caves that can easily compete with the landscapes of Hollywood westerns




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