The Monastery of Horomayr

The main church of the first group, St.Nshan was built by Zakare and Ivane spasalars in 1187 from bazalt stone. Above the church’s only northern entrance there is a relief of Holy Mother and baby Christ. The bell-tower was built in 1290. Next to Horomayr there is another church and a small chapel built in 1201. To the north of the monastery complex there is a square-schemed bell-tower with a big absid, built in 1301 and next to it St.Arakyal’s chapel ruins. Around the complex there is a monastery cemetery (XIIIc.) with cross-stones and head-stones.

Plateu’s monumental complex consists of two churches (the south one was built by the monastery priest Samvel together with architect Grigor Kargortsi in 1206) and a bell-tower between them.

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