The city of Jermuk

About the mineral water of Jermuk the first historical references begin from 189 BC since the construction of the fortress Jermuk. Since the ancient times people use the magic properties of Jermuk mineral water for the treatment of various diseases. Strong evidence of this is the basins built in Armenia in the Middle Ages and then rebuilt in 1860.

On the miraculous power of Jermuk mineral water composed legends, one of which tells us about the following. Many years ago, when the main means of human existence was hunting, one of the experienced hunters injures a young deer. With great effort and avoiding subsequent shooting, the deer reaches the pool of mineral water and, falls exhausted into water full of bubbles.. and as a miracle, a little later the deer comes out of the water completely healthy and recovered and disappears in the forest.

One of the attractions of Jermuk is the waterfall "Hair of the Mermaid". According to legend, the beautiful daughter of a local prince falls in love with the son of a shepherd. Upon learning of this, the prince becomes furious and curses his daughter. And the curse of the father is executed: the beauty turns into a mermaid, and her beautiful hair, falling from a height of 70 m in the gorge, becomes a picturesque waterfall, which the people called "Hair of the Mermaid".

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