Armenia has a lot to offer to a young tourism destination that is quickly gaining momentum in the world - bright moments and memorable events. National holidays and theatrical shows, international music, film and theater festivals, gastronomic festivals. Such as the Arisa festival in the village of Musaler, donkeys cook millet porridge with meat in huge cauldrons on the night of the third Sunday in September.

Or a barbecue festival in Akhtala. The aroma of meat grilled on charcoal attracts guests to the fortress, where restaurateurs and amateurs compete in preparing the oldest dish. In Akhtala you will be offered to try more than 60 types of khorovats (kebabs), including vegetables.

Even more varieties of another Armenian dish, tolma, are prepared at the festival in Sardarapat. In addition to a dozen types of dishes, when meat is traditionally wrapped in grape leaves, here is the dolma from Avrut, for example, where the tolma was prepared by wrapping it in bean leaves, or according to the recipe of the ancient Ani cooks - in the leaves of Pumpkin flowers.

At the mulberry festival you can eat a juicy berry and try the famous mulberry, at the honey festival you can taste the products of peaceful and fighting Armenian bees, at the bread festival you can taste Armenian bread and circuses.

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